Day 414 – Wednesday

My morning started with a coffee meeting with a fellow marketing colleague in the networking group. I wanted to find out more about her business and she likewise and if there were referral opportunities between us.

This was another weird case of meeting someone who just wants to help people and isn’t worried about charging too little in their business. In this case, her husband works so I see this as effectively a hobby for her rather than an actual business. Also, her marketing knowledge, though schooled, seemed pretty superficial so I just let her talk on and on about her business and what she does. It was an informative discussion. I like to learn about potential competition. And I learned I don’t have any competition from her.

First networking meeting was good. Though they severely messed up the business card passing part so I missed 1/2 of the new people. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out how to pass cards to the left around a room but there were multiple tables and there wasn’t agreement where the cards should pass between tables. Oh well.

Second networking meeting was where I was to present and it went well. It was a small group this time, 5 people including me, but it was good practice for me to present and people asked really good questions.

I talked for about 10 minutes about email marketing and how it is working for me and all. During the Q&A, one of the people who has a medical practice was struggling with how he could do even one email a month to his “audience”. After further discussion and suggestions from the leader of this group, we had this guy seeing how he could easily be sending out two emails a week that would delight his audience. It was fun.

I continue to see good opportunities for the online email marketing course I’m building. I’ll spend about another week working on the promotional parts of it and start promoting it more to my email list and at networking groups and see if I can get some initial pre-orders.