Day 413 – Tuesday

I’m amazed at the results I’ve gotten adding people to my business marketing email list. I grew it from 16 subscribers to over 70 in the last couple of weeks. And the average response has been around 30% of the people I invite agree to join.

This is from people whose business cards I got at networking events, everyone I’m connected with on LinkedIn, and a large selection of Facebook friends. About 200 invites total so far.

30% is much much higher a result than I expected. I was hoping for 5%.

My short term goal remains getting to 100 subscribers and then probably set a benchmark of 250 after that. And along the way continue to experiment with getting a fraction of those people to do things like answer this question or go to this web page or, ideally, give me some money for something of value I provide.

Moving on…

Morning networking was good. My commercial and self promotion is shifting towards talking about my email list and upcoming email marketing course.

I talked to a couple of people at the group about their business issues. Both are on my email list and I think my writing is giving me more credibility. About 1/2 of the people at networking today are subscribers which is fun.

I finished up the video to go on the email marketing course advertising website. I did it standing this time to encourage me to use my hands when I talk. (Otherwise I don’t really use my hands when I talk and I think it looks a little odd). I think I’m pretty stiff but with practice that will get better. I think the video looks like me, though, so I’m fine with that.

The video is here (though it may be different by the time this post goes live):

JumpStart Your Email Marketing