Day 415 – Thursday

I had a call with a past client who wanted additional services. However this was not an ideal client and while I made some decent money from them, it wasn’t ideal.

My business has also evolved some since I started with them and thus my prices and offerings have changed. And prices have gone up.

So we had a good call and I confirmed the new prices at the end. The response I heard was positive and polite but also sounded a bit strained. I let them know if they sent me the material, I could send over an invoice and get started right away.

Four minutes after the call ended, I got a text that they were going to hold off on that work and were glad I was doing well. I said thanks. I’m happy with that outcome.

As I said, it wasn’t an idea client.

We had our second online business networking meeting tonight. I advertised it again yesterday to my business mailing list and got a few more people to sign up for the networking group mailing list.

(By the way it’s fun that I can suggest that people do something and a percentage of them actually do the thing.)

It was another small meeting but one of the new people who joined I think is really perfect for the group and experienced and successful in their business. So the meeting went well, I think we all learned some valuable things, and had a fun discussion.

I’m hoping this group can grow over time. Plus with it being online via videoconference, I can keep attending when I’m back in Minnesota.