Day 409 – Friday

There were a couple of final back and forth on my finance guy Phil’s project but we got the final draft completed. Neither of us wanted to work on it over the weekend so that worked out well.

I wrote the draft of the sales page for the email marketing online course I’ll be building if there is an audience for it. I’ve planned out what the content will be and who the audience is. Rather than building out the entire course first, the strategy is to advertise it and start to get feedback for what people might want it to cover through surveys and talking to me. And give a big discount if you sign up now before launch.

Then based on how the pre-launch sales go, either build the course or return the money. Really, this is a better approach than going to all of the work and risk of building the entire course before you know if you have an audience. And it’s ethical. I’m letting people know they are getting in before the course is ready. They get a good discount. If I fail to deliver a course they will get their money back.