Day 408 – Thursday

I had an interesting conversation with my girlfriend Chris about pricing in her academic coaching / tutoring side business.

She has an adult client now who pre-paid for an online training / educational course to finish her degree (or something like that). And this student says there a bunch of other adult students doing the same thing. They are changing careers, need to get educated, and bought the same set of courses from the same school. (I know I’m not quite getting these details right but the specifics aren’t that important for my story).

Anyway, Chris put together an “academic roadmap” or “academic blueprint” for this student. A guide for the rest of the term so this student has a plan. And Chris is going to meet with her regularly.

The thought Chris had from talking to me and reading what I write about this is to put together a package for the other students. Pay a single price and get this roadmap plus monthly coaching sessions (or twice monthly for a higher price). The idea is to keep the pricing simple, list out all the stuff you get for the price, and make it appealing.

Or if you just want the roadmap, you could pay for that. But what a deal if you pay more for the package with the coaching and you get the roadmap for free. Something like that.

I enjoy thinking about pricing strategy. And I’m excited that she is thinking about things this way.

The online networking group ended up being just Steve and myself. We went through the agenda for the meeting and I think this meeting format will work well. I then scheduled an email to go out to that list tomorrow morning about the great meeting we had, etc.

Next step is to keep building an audience for the group.