Day 407 – Wednesday

I got the draft of a paper finished and sent off to my finance guy for him to review. I’m helping him edit it and complete it for a project he has.

I saw some additional signups for the online networking group. I’m not expecting many people will actually show up. It’s hard for people to start new things, even from the comfort of their couch. But it’s still promising that there is interest.

I did a trial run of the conference call system we are going to use for the group and it went fine. And I sent an email announcement out to the networking list to let them know the details. I’ll even be happy if the group is just Steve and I for the first meeting. That will be enough (yes, two) to say we had a meeting, it was a little small, it went well, and y’all missed out on a good time. See you next week. That will be a good email to send to the list.