Da 400 – Wednesday

Today’s networking meeting was at it’s new location. It’s the back room of a pizza restaurant. Long and narrow with bench seats. We had 45 attending and it basically packed the room. No coffee for purchase. And not really open before or after our networking meeting for additional meetings.

I gather the old place, a coffee shop, wasn’t crazy about us meeting there though I have no idea why. This place is hoping to get us to order their 2 slices of pizza and a drink deal to pick up after the meting.

I predict that the Peet’s coffee a block away from them will see a slight up-tick in business on Wednesday mornings.

Anyway… The meeting was good. I’m not sure about the space. Though having the meeting get much larger will get unwieldy as it’s hard to have time for everyone to say their piece and pass business cards and have general announcements.

Before the meeting I met with someone else in finance. She wants help with marketing and there may be some ways we can work together. I’m intrigued. We will continue to talk.

Set up a meeting for Friday with someone new on my marketing email list to talk about business challenges.

Talked to Phil my finance guy about some help he needs with a school project. No, I won’t be ghost writing his homework for money. Well, not quite.

My new video lighting kit came and works really well. I did some test photos and video with the lights set up and the pictures and video look MUCH better than using other indoor light I have.

I figured I would try them out making a video of my presentation from Tuesday. And. I. Failed.

I eventually concluded that material was just boring. My girlfriend Chris agrees. She is a great editor and sounding board. The concept is good. Just too much stuff going on in what I wrote up so I’ll consider something else.

Rather than waste more time on “video block” I worked on some client work and continued to invite people to my email marketing list. I’m still pleased with the response rate. Its above 15% which I think won’t hold as an average when I start inviting FaceBook friends. I was expecting below 5% so I’m happy.

My goal is to get to 100 people on the list ASAP so I can start seeing how my different sales messages are working. Writing to 13 people of whom 9 are regular readers isn’t a very fair test of anything. And right now I’m at 31.