Day 399 – Tuesday

I spent the day out going to different places. Morning networking went well and my short talk went smoothly. After only two rehearsals, one last night and one this morning, I had the story pretty much down pat and used my notes minimally.

The strategy of talking about something I know really well, while obvious, really does work. Amazing.

Then I was off for some car maintenance across town. And then back across town in the evening for a different networking group.

In between I worked from a library and a coffee shop working on some writing and send out cold email invites to my marketing list. I continue to get a small but significant number of responses. Opt in rate remains around 20% which seems impossibly high. Possibly because so far it’s people I’ve met through networking. When I get to Facebook friends the percent may skew.

Evening networking was ok. Its a different sort of group. More socializing, less networking. Still, I got to hang out with an insurance guy I like. He has great sales stories.

And I got invited to speak at the lunch time version of this meeting in May. I’ll be speaking on email marketing. And it occurs to me that having a mini-online course on email marketing for beginners would be handy to have by then. Plus, I know a LOT about that topic so it won’t be much work to produce about 15 minutes of material.