Day 398 – Monday

Today was a pretty full day with work stuff.

Two stories of note.

I started inviting people to my email list. Sending cold emails to people in my contact list. It seems such a simple idea yet is new for me. I read it in an article. I have a stock invitation template I personalize slightly, manually email out and ask if they want to be on my list that talks about “lead generation and business growth”.

The expectation is that most people will ignore but that I will get some response and considering the list’s current small size, any growth is good.

So I mailed out 10 and waited for any complaints about messaging. I got two positive responses so I added them. 20% response rate would be amazing though I imagine it will average lower.

Again, any growth is good so I’m happy.

The other story relates to a talk I’m doing tomorrow at the networking group.

I’ve been working on notes for it off and on for a couple of days and finished those up and did some rehearsals and was pretty happy.

The talk is based around some sales statistics I saw on Facebook and I liked the story I could tell about them. And it continued to nag at me that I didn’t know the source of the stats. So I did a web search.

Turns out these stats have been shared over and over on social media. They sound really great. They tell a great story. And they are completely false.

Do I have a talk without the stats? Sort of. But it goes into areas where I don’t consider myself an expert and without the stats I’m not sure I’m saying much.

At 10pm I decided to create a new talk. I was tired. I thought for a few minutes about topics and chose one that I know a lot about (building systems for your business). And I started writing notes.

The notes I realized were looking a lot like my marketing emails so I took that as a good sign. Finished writing a draft and went to bed. I’ll write up speaking notes in the morning.

I’ll be able to re-use this as an email. Probably good enough for a blog post. And I’ll very likely use the material for the video I’m shooting Wednesday night after my studio lighting kit arrives. (Incandescent bulbs and table lamps aren’t flattering for videos.)