Day 401 – Thursday

I wanted to make my weekly marketing video to post on Facebook using my new lights and stuff. I tried, really. The good idea was that I could adapt the material I presented earlier in the week at the networking group.

So I sat down and started. And it took a while but I realized the difficulty I had with it wasn’t nerves or not knowing what to say. I just didn’t like the material. It was boring.

I did get through my talk on Tuesday and that was an accomplishment. But revisiting it, I realized it was overly complicated. What I needed was something feel good and fluffy.

What I had was a discussion of how you need systems in your business and here are some examples of what systems are and if you have systems stuff will run more smoothly so you should have systems. The end.

See? Boring.

Rather than fight it, I stopped to do other work. The new lights look great, though. No shadows on my face. Balanced lighting. That and the lapel mic make the videos look and sound very good.

Editing is a bit more tricky because now I can shoot two cameras. iPhone on the tripod for the wide shot of me talking and then the web cam on my laptop for when I’m sharing my screen and I can put my face in the corner of the screen.

I’ll link to an example when I have something suitable soon.

Inviting people to my email list continues to have good results.

And I went to bed early. Because I got up early. So I’ll probably get up early again tomorrow. I like early.