qJumpStart My Heart | Day 388 - Friday

Day 388 – Friday

I had a follow up call with a networking contact. She runs a separate networking group, likes my email list, and in this conversation as well as last I got a lot of good customer research about what people need help with. I may have a chance to speak at their group and she intends to promote me there. I’ll follow up next week.

I had a good meeting with Phil my finance guy. His business is going nicely and we both now seem to be at the right place where it’s time to talk about promotional opportunities. I’m proposing paid video ads with Phil coming up with the video ideas. We’ll talk more next week.

I got the technical bits of my online training course set up. However, the course material I was going to use I’ve decided really isn’t suitable. It was a worthy experiment of mine but it isn’t worth investing in further. I’ll ponder some different directions there.

I cooked rib roast for dinner and it was delicious.