Day 387 – Thursday

Another sunny day in California. I look out the window and there are lots of flowers and blue sky. It looks nice.

I got into some technical depth setting up the experimental online course I’m writing. I need a way for people to be able to sign up for it, create an account, forget their passwords, change passwords, register, etc. Mundane stuff. Once it’s done I’ll re-use the same work for subsequent courses so this is setting things up for the future. Tomorrow I’ll finish testing and then that technical part will be done.

One more networking meeting scheduled and a couple of calls. I’m learning through osmosis more and more what people need help with and it continues to crystalize in a couple of areas. They are overwhelmed with too much to do. They don’t know how to focus their marketing efforts. They are trying to do too much themselves (which is self serving since I want them to pay someone like me to help them out and not self serving because it will legitimately help them).