Day 386 – Wednesday

I went to the Wednesday networking group as usual and had a good time. This group keeps growing and was up to 42 attendees today. We ended up violating a cardinal rule of the group by going 7 minutes over time because it took so much time for everyone to have a chance to do their 30-60 second commercials.

There are a couple new people there I’ll follow up with. My commercial went better based on my newer approach of talking about what amazing result I give to my client. I still had an internal battle about whether I should stand up at all. That is an ongoing conflict…

I was dismayed to find there is a fairly sizable or vocal anti-vaccination crowd there. I guess with the 30% or so of people in fringe medicine and health based MLMs I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Back to work… I mostly worked on my online course. By the end of the day I had battled it down in scope to be really really small because I want to move on to working on the next one. This one isn’t one I can sell nor is it really for my ideal customer. The next one is, and that is where I need to focus my efforts.