Day 389 – Saturday

My daughter Catherine decided to come back to Sacramento for Easter. She got the free shuttle from Berkeley to UC Davis and I picked her up there. Unsurprisingly, I was able to convince her to come with me to lunch.

After discovering the restaurant Journey to the Dumpling last year, there was one more dumpling place I had wanted to try.

We went to “I-Shanghai Delight” in Old Sacramento. Specifically in a basement location off of Front Street. It has a good sized dining room and a glassed in kitchen section where the dumplings are made for all to see.

We of course ordered the soup dumplings and then some more things Catherine ordered. She asked enough questions that they brought out the Chinese menu and we ordered a couple of things off of that one.

This was delicious. The soup dumplings are the best I’ve had outside of China. The green onion pancakes were maybe a little heavy for my taste. The other two things I won’t attempt to spell were delicious. I would go back and order randomly from the menu.

We picked up two free pieces of candy from the candy store on the way back to the car (it’s Old Sacramento, they give out coupons).

In the evening, I worked out details for an online course I can make that will resonate with my potential audience. I wrote out a bunch of notes and started doing marketing analysis.