Day 383 – Sunday

I visited my daughter Catherine in Berkeley today.

The drive there and back was uneventful and didn’t have any particular traffic. I got an early start but even coming back was pretty smooth.

I got there early and read my expensive marketing book until she was ready.

I had not seen her since January so it was very good to catch up. She had also just gotten back from a trip Spain and had some good stories. We had a nice brunch at a place we had visited before, “The Drunken Boat”. It’s a little French cafe with rustic service and good food. And the name is written in French so to my initial reading it didn’t seem odd to be eating at an alcoholic water craft.

When I got back, I made Chicken Marsala and think I need to make the sauce more often. It probably freezes and can be made without the chicken. Just need bacon and mushrooms and tomato paste and marsala wine.