Day 384 – Monday

I scheduled some more meetings with people from networking. I keep finding value not so much in trying to sell what I do, but learning about their problems and what they are looking for.

I know this is the basics of everything I’m reading in marketing however it is annoyingly somehow different when applying it to oneself.

I’m also gaining some insights from my expensive advertising book. For example. A lot of people pitch how they can help you build a “6 figure business”. I.e. one that brings in over $100,000 in income over some period of time.

However, I suspect there are a number of people I’m around who could make that much if only they went and got a job. But obviously they don’t want to do that or they would get that job. Meaning, they aren’t really motivated by the 6 figure income thing.

They are probably motivated by having some assurance they won’t ever have to get that real job and instead can keep doing what they are doing with enough success to keep at it.

And that points to a different marketing approach than just saying “you want to make money? I have a way to make money”.

The expensive marketing book covers topics of more subtlety than I’ve seen before.