Day 382 – Saturday

I had a meeting with someone from the networking group. She sells organic coffee via a MLM and does tastings on weekends. I hoped it would be lightly attended so I could talk to her more about her business.

Not because I need to start selling coffee. Rather because she expressed interest in getting marketing help from various people at the networking group.

We had a good conversation. Talked about her business challenges and I gave her some advice and encouragement. She felt what I told her was valuable enough she gifted me a box of coffee. I think we’ll talk more. She also joined my marketing email list.

Given the limited budgets of a lot of people I meet in networking, the idea of creating paid courses to teach services that I can’t afford to charge for keeps making more sense. Like what I should charge to give people all the advice they need to get their business started and do effective marketing should be thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, there are probably a bunch of people who would pay $200 for the online course version of it. (Or if you act now, you can get it for the special price of $97).