Day 378 – Tuesday

I normally don’t plan much on days after travel but I wanted to get back into business networking here so I went to the Tuesday event.

Getting up early wasn’t a problem since I’m used to two hours earlier from Minnesota. I headed over and it was a small group, seven of us. Three were new since I was last there and it was good to make new contacts.

Two of them are also in digital marketing and I’m comfortable with that since my specialty is slightly different. Though that overlap would have freaked me out when I started going to these groups last fall. I’m pleased at my improved confidence.

One of the new faces is working to try to launch an online course for a partner and had some questions. He’s going to send me some more info about it and we’ll talk. I’m not sure if this will be me working with them or just giving some free advice. He is a friend of the guy who organizes this group so I’m willing to be pretty friendly and open about this regardless of the path forward.