Day 379 – Wednesday

More business networking this morning. This is a larger group that now averages 35 to 40 people and meets at a large but bursting coffee shop. They are moving to a different location in May. That will be nice for not having to talk over the coffee machines.

The larger group has a different dynamic. There is an eclectic mix of finance, real estate, multi-level-marketing, and interestingly I find more digital marketing people. Maybe the digital marketing world has discovered the real world.

I caught up with people I had not talked with in some months and met some new ones.

I also had a good call with the guy I met yesterday about his promotional plan. He and his partner are pretty competent and have a good plan. I gave some suggestions and shared my approach on Facebook ads and he was very appreciative. I added some things he had not considered. If it works out for them, I’m sure I can get a nice testimonial / recommendation and that is all I wanted out of this at minimum.

After dinner, my mom and step dad went to Vic’s ice cream. It is still good and I must say I like it more than Izzy’s in Minneapolis now. Izzy’s has a much larger set of flavors they rotate through. However for the time I was in the twin cities this last time, I didn’t like the flavor rotations as much. Vic’s has fewer flavors but they always have those flavors.

And among what they have, there are very good choices. I had cherry amaretto and muddy mocha, for example.