Day 377 – Monday

Sadly, today was my day to travel back to California for a bit. I’ll be back here again in June so the absence won’t be that long.

My girlfriend Chris dropped me off at the airport on her way to work and I didn’t have any trouble checking my bag, getting through security or getting to my gate.

I got some coffee and waited for my flight.

While I was waiting I did some work research and strangely, for me, got inspired to really try to understand Instagram as a social media platform. I’ll admit feeling pretty handicapped and lost with respect to some social media. It’s all come slow to me partly due to temperament and partly due, I believe, to age. I didn’t grow up with it so I relate to it differently than my kids.

And now I think I have a better understanding of it and see how I could use it in my business. I’m not going to start madly posting to Instagram, I have other things to do. But I’m exploring it as a customer to get a better feel for it.

I flew via Denver and had 3 hours to kill there so I got lunch and sat and read and researched some more.

After the second flight I was in Sacramento.

There has been lots of rain here and it is unnaturally green at the moment. It’s almost like how Minnesota looks in the summer rather than the usual brown color of dead grass.

It was great catching up with my mom and step-dad. And Panther the cat remains very happy to see me.