Day 350 – Tuesday

The weather has been warming up and we are expecting some rain tonight and through Thursday. I’m interested to see how much snow melt we get. The streets are damp with water melting from the sides of roads.

There is a new marketing book I’ve been excitedly reading recently. It was originally published in 1966 and is in a reprint. Human psychology hasn’t changed since then (or hundreds of years before) so the overall messages are still pertinent. Reading analysis of cigarette ads is a fun nostalgia trip.

As a reprint, I consider the book a bit pricy but if you look for used copies on Amazon or Ebay it runs $400 to $1000 a copy. It is considered a classic in the field of copywriting and it covers topics I had not seen written about before. In particular, how the maturity of your market affects how you advertise. If the market knows your product and the problem you solve you go one way vs if the market doesn’t even know a problem can be solved. I’m entranced.