Day 349 – Monday

Today was a lovely blue sky day. The temperature was up in the mid 30s and it was really comfortable. Things are starting to melt and there is water everywhere. It is supposed to be in the 40s later this week with heavy rain and the news is talking about the region wide need to uncover thousands of storm drains that are currently iced over.

I got some work projects moved forward including some notes on a possible “virtual business networking” project. One of the people I met networking in Sacramento got interested in this when I mentioned starting my own networking group here in MN. He and I talked and we are talking about doing an online networking group that meets through video conferencing. I finally took some more time to jot down some more notes and plans for it. It still sounds fun to me and hopefully we can start gathering names for the first meetings soon.

We had pork ribs and green beans for dinner. The pork from Greg’s meats is very good and all that is needed is salt and pepper and a slow cooker and the ribs come out very well.