Day 345 – Thursday

Today my girlfriend Chris and I had coffee with her friend Marcia and Marcia’s son Justin. (I’m working on making people references clearer in my writing). Justin is starting a new business and they understand I’m really experienced and he wanted to pick my brain.

It was a good conversation. He took lots of notes and I shared what has worked for me and where I thought he should start. If he follows through on some things I think it could work out for him. It was fun to see his reaction to what I was sharing and I got a lot of reinforcement that what I know about this stuff is valuable.

I added to the list of possible online courses I could create. One that captures what I provided as starting points to him in the hour that we talked. Probably a free course. The idea is that either people will just pay me to do all of that or they will do it themselves and have a more mature business that I can work with. I can’t really work with complete newbies because they can’t afford me.

It’s like planting seedlings.