Day 346 – The Science Museum

St. Paul has a really great Science Museum that I had never been to. They currently have an exhibit on the history of video games with playable examples (no quarters needed) and my girlfriend Chris wanted to go.

Today was a good day to go there and a good outing for Chris to keep testing her new hip.

The overall museum is really impressive. There are a lot of exhibits built to be interesting classroom demonstration type things. There are light tables used to demonstrate optics principles from physics, electronic circuit demos, and others like that which make great classroom additions. Plus they have a tornado you can touch and a giant 3 story tall astronaut. The latter I didn’t really understand but it was tall.

The gaming exhibit was several rooms long and started with a selection of 80s coin-op games like PacMan, Donkey Kong, and Centipede and then on to home video games and computer games. There were interpretive posters with biographical info about the game designers and cultural significance of some of the games. It was really interesting.

Chris is also now a member of the museum so we can go back for free with reduced parking fees and see one free Omni-Max movie per day. We say the one on Cuba which was very interesting. And very big (very big screen).