Day 344 – Wednesday

Today I did writing for work and interacting with some Facebook business groups to get back into showing that I exist.

The writing is for sort of an online mini-course I’m building to attract more people to my email list. It’s an experiment and someone from my regular list opt-ed in to it so I need to write the rest.

Since the marketing project for one client got finished up yesterday, I have some time to work on other projects which I’m happy about.

I made meatballs and added a LOT of fresh thyme we had left over in the refrigerator. I’ve decided that is a very good idea.

There may be a lot of snow on Saturday and that is a big topic of conversation. The worst case predictions are 11″ but that will adjust as we get closer. If there is that much, I’ll probably get up on the roof after to make sure the roof vents are clear.