Day 343 – Tuesday

Today was pretty quiet compared to yesterday.

I went to the gym and spent the rest of the work day on marketing projects for my own business.

I drove with my girlfriend Chris to her tutoring appointment and she was hungry after (i.e. didn’t want to wait till we got back to her house) and we had tacos at the good Mexican place in Farmington, MN. We had their regular tacos which we didn’t enjoy as much as their “street tacos”. We’ll still go back.

(Note what I called their “regular” tacos they call “street tacos”. And what I would call their “street tacos” they call “tacos from the hood”. I believe I’m using the proper terminology from the LA taco scene.)

We had slow cooked one of the pieces of beef brisket we got a couple weeks ago and it turned out very nicely. I ran the slow cooker hotter than I expected so most of the fat rendered out and the size of the meat was MUCH smaller but it was still tender and delicious.