Day 339 – Friday

I had a long call with my client with email woes from earlier in the week. It was a good call and there are some things to finish by Monday.

The snow was coming down pretty good today. I shoveled the driveway and some of the deck. It snowed enough that we didn’t have game night as people didn’t want to be out driving in it.

And we started seeing something that made us very worried about the snow on the roof. There was water dripping down the outside of the kitchen window. Which means it was coming down the wall which has an overhang and is probably dripping from inside the roof. We know there is a pretty big ice dam on the north side of the roof and this could mean water damage.

My girlfriend Chris and I did some online searching and found a couple of promising sounding companies who will take care of that and she made some calls. One company is sending someone out in the morning to take care of it. They all charge a lot and this is a busy year for them so there is a 4 hour minimum because the ice dams they are seeing are taking that long to fix. At least it will get fixed.