Day 338 – Thursday

I made it to the gym and did the usual. I had trouble with my locker since someone had mistakenly tried to open it and didn’t have the lock lever in the right place so it got stuck again. I “scramble” the 4 numbers on the combo to a standard number after I lock it each time as a tamper evidence technique. Some guy from operations with a special key was able to get me back in. I wish they still had the key system my girlfriend Chris talks about them having before their big remodel last year.

I had a good day working and finishing up an internal project I started a couple of weeks ago. It’s a checklist people can use to improve semi-esoteric parts of their website. (It’s basically esoteric for this list but not completely beyond my marketing audience. You can check out more of me at

Chris had her regular two tutoring appointments today and I went along to drive and work while she tutored. After we came back, had dinner, watched another episode of Mr Robot and went to bed.

(We started re-watching Mr Robot. I had forgotten how good it is. Chris never watched season 2 and I never watched season 3 so we are catching up from the beginning. It’s really good.)