Day 337 – Wednesday

In looking at different email marketing options yesterday when I got stuck, I left my contact info with another I’m considering trying. A sales rep called me in the morning and we chatted briefly. This one sounds promising, especially because I can get a reseller discount for using it. Basically I can sign up and be able to resell their services to my clients. I get a discount. I can set my own pricing. And I can discount it to myself as well. This is appealing.

My girlfriend Chris and I met up with her friend Denise who is starting out as a blogger. I’ve talked with her before and we had a good conversation about business and what she is doing. I was generous with my thoughts and advice and it was educational listening to her and what is challenging her in her business.

We were off to see a theater production in the evening and looking for dinner before hand. We had to skip the first couple of places because parking would be too hard. There are big snow banks and snowy / slushy walking where we would park and Chris can’t walk in that yet.

Eventually we found a place to eat near Izzy’s in St Paul. We had seen it before and it sounded interesting. They were doing some sort of open mic music thing that night. When we came in there was a duo on mandolin along with wailing that was supposed to be singing. When they finished wailing, a trio went up of poor jr high quality tenor sax, average rhythm guitar, and a guy singing (or maybe spoken word?) on a mic set so quite no one could hear him. It was confusing. The place was full. Food was so so. We had ice cream after.

The theater production was entertaining. The subject matter varied between mature and political. The readers were pretty good. We enjoyed it. It’s a group that does monthly productions / events. We may go back next month.