Day 336 – Tuesday

Today I had the task of trying to make something work for a client that didn’t want to work.

This is a story about email marketing. You can skip ahead if you are looking for a different story.

I expected to be able to hook a semi-complicated marketing plan together with an email marketing system I had heard worked very well. in this case. What I wanted to do was have it so when people signed up for an email list, that they would get a welcome message thanking them for joining the email list. And I wanted the welcome message to come back immediately.

Easy peasy. It’s supposed to work that way. Especially because I set it to the setting that said “immediate”.

Hooked up a bunch of stuff and then tried it out. And I waited. And waited.

After a few tries testing it I realized it was taking about 30 minutes for messages to get sent out. This is much different than I expected immediate to be.

Because I’m clever, I figured out how to better use the current email marketing system my client is using and made it work there. Not quite as many features are available but it will work for the launch of the marketing they want to do.

Ultimately this gave me some inspiration for writing about keeping business stuff simple and why I prefer keeping things simple. I had been a little stuck on topics to write about and I find adversity can spur creativity.

I also launched my second marketing video for my own company and I’ll watch the viewership stats to see how well it does vs the first video I did.