qJumpStart My Heart | Day 335 - Monday

Day 335 – Monday

It was pretty cold today with temperatures around 0F.

I had a call in the morning with one of the guys from Sacramento networking. He was intrigued when I talked about eventually starting a networking group here in the Twin Cities. A group like the ones I went to in Sacramento (free, open to all industries, weekly, simple, and punctual).

His interest is creating an online networking group that meets through video conferencing and we talked about that for about an hour. I think it can definitely work and we’ll keep discussing and see what we can make of that. He is looking at still having it tied to a physical region while I’m more interested in completely virtual but I still think there are interesting possibilities.

In the afternoon, my girlfriend Chris and I drove over to St Paul for a tax accounting appointment she had. Snow is piling up pretty high by the street and people cut notches through the berms of snow so people can get from street parking to the sidewalk.

Chris was able to maneuver her walker from the car to the sidewalk. She is walking very well around the house and rightly still wants to be very careful outside. Slipping and falling could ruin all of the progress she has made in healing. The appointment went well and we returned home without incident.