qJumpStart My Heart | Day 334 - Sunday

Day 334 – Sunday

While there was a blizzard and extreme weather in some parts of Minnesota, there wasn’t any here. There was maybe 2″ of snow overnight and there was some wind so it was cold I’m sure (I stayed inside), but there were blue skies through most of the day.

Another birthday cake showed up today from Chris’ sister via Chris’ nephew. It was very good as well. I spent some time after slicing pieces of cake and wrapping them for freezing. We are good on cake for a while. And there is still the Izzy’s ice cream in storage. We are good on sugar for a while.

We played a card game that I got for my birthday that was fun. “Fluxx” is a game where the rules are affected by the cards you play. Some reviewers online complained that it seems completely random. We decided after 3 games that there is some decent strategy possible, though luck plays a part. It is a fun game. And there are many themed variations of the game. This was the Star Trek original series version.

We had leftovers for dinner. While some watched the Oscars I worked on a marketing video for my company. I overcame some technical challenges with a new video system I’m using that should make it easier to do these in future. I’ll see what Chris thinks of the draft tomorrow and hopefully get it online tomorrow or Tuesday.