Day 340 – Saturday

We had to get up early for the ice dam removal service arriving around 8am.

To review, there are rather large icicles that formed on the north side of my girlfriend Chris’ house. A 5″-6″ ridge of ice is visible at the edge of the roof below the snow and the presumption has been uneven insulation of the roof. Even though the roof was re-insulated last year.

The rep from “Ice Dam Removal Guys” (yes, the company name) showed up by 8:15am and got to work. He called to let us know he would be a little late.

The tool they use is basically a pressure washer with a steam generation add-on so the hose shoots steam rather than water. He shoveled off the edge of the roof on the north side and exposed the roof vents that were covered with snow. He also reported some standing water in front of the ice under the snow.

That is what leaks into your roof and then causes damage inside. We are now very confident the roof vents covered in snow were the problem. Will need to shovel parts of the roof or get a roof rake (thing at end of a long pole for pulling snow off roof).

He spent the full 4 hours finishing just that edge of the roof and now everything there looks clean. There may be up to 8″ more snow next weekend so I may get to do some climbing. We’ll see.

Otherwise, I did some writing. I made curry for dinner. Chris was tired much of the day but she continues to get around better and better.