Day 329 – Tuesday

I tried to go to the gym this morning. It was a very nice day and I got bundled up for the drive over (it was low 20s I think). After I left I realized I forgot my gym bag. I didn’t want to take the extra time of driving back, unbundling, getting my bag, driving again, so I drove around the block and called it good.

I had a pretty productive work day finishing up a couple of things.

For dinner, I made a chicken chili recipe and used some new spices I had brought along. I didn’t know what to expect from them and did a taste test and neither seemed crazy hot, just flavorful. And yes, I was tasting raw dry spice which is weird but I didn’t have another method that was better.

I guesstimated at the amount to put in and ran the slow cooker all day and the result was delicious. The spices were from a new spice place in Sacramento and really made a huge difference vs what I was planning on using. The aroma was great. The flavor was great. Not too hot. Just extra flavor goodness.

There is another appealing sale at Greg’s Meats going on this week so we now need to balance a trip to Greg’s along with a trip to Izzy’s. Both are worthy money saving goals.

I understand that ice cream is a want and not a need.