Day 330 – Wednesday

It snowed today. I’m in Minnesota in winter, it’s supposed to snow a lot. And yet TV weather people made this out to be a big deal. People were buying extra groceries in the store yesterday. Schools were closing. Snow.

Looking at how much we all (except my girlfriend Chris) variously shoveled off of the driveway, it may have been about 6-8″ of snow through the day. There wasn’t any point trying to drive anywhere since our road hadn’t been plowed. The most likely effect would have been getting stuck at the bottom of the hill so we all stayed home.

It was very pretty to watch and is definitely higher now in accumulation than it was yesterday.

I had a good call with a client about one project and finally had a call with someone on my mail list who is looking to engage me for some of my services. I’ll have a follow up call with him tomorrow. I needed time to figure out what my offer was and pricing and such.

We had ham for dinner. This is from a frozen (now thawed) ham processed at Gregs that was very very good. We are eating through the last of the backlog of meat from Chris’ last large purchase from there. She saw a good deal on whole hogs going on now and we might consider that. She has a big freezer.