Day 328 – Monday

I went over to the gym in the morning and walked on the elliptical for 30 minutes. I figured I would start out slow for a few days to get used to everything.

The gym is very nice and fancy. Though I needed help getting my locker opened when I was done. There is a trick to the combination lock system they have and if you do one innocuous thing wrong, it tends to not work. My girlfriend Chris said before their remodel, you just got a key to the lockers and it was easy. I’ll make sure I do the simple thing right next time.

I did an experiment with a marketing video for my company and then other client work.

Chris continues to do well and cooked food in the kitchen. We are both excited that she continues to be able to stand without pain. Eating her food is a delight.

We planned out food for the rest of the week and will probably take advantage of a sale Izzy’s ice cream is having. You can get pints for 5 dollars and if you get 5 pints you get the 6th for free. It’s a good deal. I’ll report on what we eventually buy.