Day 327 – Sunday

Today my girlfriend Chris and I ran some errands after breakfast. We went to the gym where she is a member so she could add me to her membership. She is more than independent enough at home and I want to start being able to exercise regularly. It has been a few months and there aren’t any easy opportunities to walk outside. With the temperature and snow and stuff.

The gym is about 5 minutes away and looks pretty fancy.

Then we went over to Aldi to do some grocery shopping. This was the first grocery trip Chris had been on since her surgery. She had basically stopped going into grocery stores before surgery because the pain in her hip was so bad. Now, she find walking and standing cause no pain and she really didn’t have any limits there. She was getting tired by the end but it was more the experience of being out of the house that was wearing on her, not any soreness or instability in her “new” leg. She still uses her walker and enjoyed being able to start participating in normal life again.

She was so excited and energized she stood in the kitchen and cooked some food when we got back. And then sat back down in her comfortable recliner for the rest of the afternoon. It was a good productive day.

In the evening we played a round Settlers of Catan.