Day 326 – Saturday

My girlfriend Chris and I got up early and drove to visit her parents. They live outside of Brainerd, MN about 2 1/2 hours North East-ish from the Twin Cities.

The plan was to get there by breakfast and we left by around 6:30am and didn’t have much traffic and the roads were dry. We stopped by a Caribou Coffee leaving town and got there by 9am. Her brothers wanted to play poker and one had to work in the afternoon, hence the early start time.

I think we got in 4 games. I won the first game which paid for the rest of the games for me. Chris came in first once and second once so she bought ice cream when we were driving back home. It was a fun visit. I like her family.

On the way back we stopped at Izzy’s for ice ream and stopped by the Mexican market to get more chorizo sausage.

Chris did pretty well with the traveling. Sitting for long periods without getting up is hard now which is currently the reverse of what she had before surgery. We believe it will even out. She is enjoying being able to stand and walk without pain.

For my part I think I solved a mystery that had been bothering me for a while. I had been having strange feelings around my chest. It almost had felt like a tightness but I wasn’t having any difficulty breathing or anything like that. It was more a strange feeling, as I said, than anything else.

But given my history, strange is worrisome. I was driving back and feeling it and it felt like it was the seat belt. I shifted my driving position and lifted my shirt and the feeling went away. Kept driving. Felt weird again. Lifted my shirt again. The feeling went away.

After surgery I lost a lot of sensation on the skin of my chest. This is normal because they split my chest open and removed a couple of major blood vessels so they could repurpose them for bypasses on my heart and they chilled and then stopped my heart for several hours and then put me back together and brought me back to life. So the skin has been numb, though some feeling had come back.

And now more feeling is coming back. The strange feeling was being able to feel the cloth of my shirt. This was a happy realization. Now it’s just annoying but I understand. And it is weird because the sensation seems to come and go and there is no tingling. Just sometimes the cloth bugs me and sometimes it doesn’t.

Anyway I appear to still be in good health.