Day 309 – Cold Today

I slept well and got up around 7am and headed back to the hospital.

Thankfully the car started. This time the car thermostat showed -28F and it wasn’t a very happy car. It ran ok but some things seemed sluggish. Like when I shifted the transmission, the dashboard indicator was slow. The windshield wipers were sluggish. The vent system had a funny smell after a while. I was just happy I got back ok.

The roads luckily aren’t slippery. There is some snow down but I drove carefully and got back to the parking garage ok.

Things went pretty fast today. Chris was able to finish up her minimum physical and other therapy and accomplished walking up and down the hallway, using the practice stairs, and other things. Before noon we got to the point where we could get ready to leave.

We knew ahead of time that very often people are sent home after one night and Chris is doing really well.

We were on the road by around 2:30pm and luckily the drive back to Eagan, MN was uneventful. The main highway was pretty dry and clear. We had some warning about black ice and I was careful about that.

I’m not used to driving in conditions like this but I was careful and Chris has coached me well about what to watch out for. When we are on minor roads nearer to her house we might have slipped once going around a corner but it was minor.

We made it back and got Chris inside. She was able to navigate the stairs up to the main level of the house just fine and our outing was safely over.

Chris is off of school until mid march and should be well recovered by then.