Day 310 – Thursday

I was up around 3am helping my girlfriend Chris get around and looked outside and saw a couple of deer lounging in the front yard snow. One was sitting on the ground with it’s head up looking around. The other was a indistinct fuzzy ball on the ground. Something spooked them and they ran off in different directions. There are a lot of woodland areas around here and still fun to see them out and apparently not bothered much by it being REALLY COLD outside.

I did some grocery shopping and helped Chris around the house. She is able to get around with a walker and gets tired quickly and her leg is sore. Everything familiar to me from my heart surgery last year.

It is amazing, though, how little pain she is in and that she can put full weight on the leg and all. It will be a couple of months before she starts to really feel normal but this isn’t awful.

I made curry for dinner which was delicious as it usually is. It’s still cold outside but getting slowly warmer. All the schools are still closed but it is supposed to be above 0 tomorrow.