Day 300 – Monday. Wait, Day 300? Wow…

I will step back and say I’m surprised and pleased that I’ve written this 300 days in a row now.

Even though I think a lot of my writing here is probably pretty dull, it has personally helped me to keep cranking out words. I’m doing more and more marketing emails and other marketing writing both for myself and clients and that writing is getting easier.

I will agree with other writers who say that if you want to get better at writing, you have to write stuff. Not all of which will be very good.

I had mapped out my day hour by hour today and mostly was able to stick to it and got a lot done. I’ll have limited time to work next week and so it is important to get a bunch of stuff done this week in preparation.

For example, I’m writing/editing 2 emails a week for one client and those are all pre-scheduled through and so those can be scheduled in advance. Other work is just making progress on projects. It’s all good.

I’m starting to get more comfortable with my own marketing emails to my company mailing list. Those go out twice a week for now and I’m hoping eventually daily as I grow that list.

(The link is here if you are interested. It is very different than this blog. That might or might not be a good thing depending on your interests).

I’m having lunch with daughter Elizabeth tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to. Daughter Catherine went back to Berkeley today.

My fingers are slightly tired today.