Day 301 – Tuesday

Another busy day. Outside of networking and work I had lunch with daughter Elizabeth.

We went to Journey to the Dumpling which she had not yet gone to. It is still good though I think I’ve had enough Chinese dumplings now. Was was really nice was talking to her now that she is done with her test prep class. She was preparing to take the MCAT and that consumed all of her time since school ended in December.

We had fun and then my mom and step dad wanted to take me to dinner since I’ll be out of town when it’s my birthday and that was nice too. We went to the Zinfandel Grill and the food was very good. I had cod which was on special and it was delicious. I wish I knew how to cook fish as well as they do there. I don’t think I’ve ever had cod before or if I had it wasn’t like this. It was light and flakey and flavorful.

Got back, finished up some more work and now need to get to sleep because I’m adjusting my sleep schedule. Tomorrow morning I’ll effectively be in Mountain Time…