Day 299 – Sunday

Yesterday I started obsessing about how I don’t know anything, and I mean anything, about accounting and how I needed to fix that. I at least needed to know enough as a small business owner to not hurt myself with my ignorance.

Today I finished that journey. I didn’t need to learn much. I understand accounts receivable and accounts payable and I know where to look that up when I forget. I know I have an opinion about cash vs accrual accounting. I think my opinion is different than many people in my position have so I’m going to run that by my accountant.

And I have the confidence to ask a question of my accountant. Yay.

I’m going to use the self-employed version of Quickbooks and keep track of all records and stuff. So next year at this time it will be easy to export a bunch of data, send it to my accountant, and taxes will be easy.

Taxes won’t be hard this year, I just don’t have super great record keeping.

So, went to the farmers market and then to a bookstore to do some reading / research. Got caught up on my marketing emails. Mapped out a busy day tomorrow. And now I’m headed to bed.

I’m starting to adjust my sleep schedule now for my upcoming trip.