Day 298 – Saturday

I went off to shop for ingredients to make curry for dinner tonight and also off to the birthday party for my friend and finance guy Phil’s son. Had a good time there and came home to make curry. Curry was delicious.

I started skimming some material on business accounting. I know nothing about accounting and feel I should know something since I have a business. There is a chapter of a book I have that seemed like a good place to start.

I also read some interesting stuff about using Facebook Messenger robots for sales and marketing. I won’t let it distract me now and seems like it could be a valuable technique in future.

Basically, you can use paid ads to bring people to a Facebook page where they have an interaction with your robot through Facebook messenger. For good reasons, the person has to initiate the interaction with the robot before I, the advertiser, get any of your information. Otherwise I could bombard you with advertising messages without your consent.

Here is the trick. The robot is able to personalize the message without any personal info getting to me. So you might go to a facebook page and messenger pops up and says something like:

“Hi Fred, thank you for visiting this page. I have some really valuable information I can give you about <the thing you think will really be valuable that was indicated in the advert that led you here>. If you would like to get emailed about it. Please tap below to confirm we have your email right.”

<Tap here: fred’s real email>

Fred sees his name and most importantly, sees his real email. All he is doing is tapping to confirm.

Once he taps, I the advertiser get the email and I can automatically send the information.

What I think is clever is the exchange is personalized by Facebook without me knowing anything and if someone doesn’t tap, no info changes hands. So, lesson learned, don’t give facebook robots any attention. And this is supposed to work well for the average Facebook user who comes in through an advert.

I’m curious and will try some experiments in future.