Day 295 – Wednesday

I went to Wednesday networking and didn’t except very much. During commercials there was a guy who was remarkably salesy. Projecting his voice quite loudly, well rehearsed but clearly rehearsed, and quite insincere feeling. I found it annoying and I doubt it works well for him.

Someone new there wants to set up a meeting with me. He is in the print business and is interested in trying some local Internet advertising. It sounds like he is already doing some that isn’t working well. I’ll have to meet him to learn more.

After I went to a meeting with an existing client seeking help untangling and/or managing their YouTube Channels. I tried to explain that running the YouTube channel isn’t very complicated. They they could do it themselves. And especially since they want something set up by February 8th that is pretty close and I’m busy.

They effectively threw up their hands in despair and asked how much and I told them. The number was the same as what I quoted yesterday which is what I’m going to charge for a bit if you want me to untangle your social media profiles. (If you want to know the $ number, call me, we can talk).

For the meeting today I said I would put together a set of training videos that shows them how to manage their channel. Thinking further I realized that I’ll take the same curriculum implied by the videos I create for them and use that for a small online course on how to setup your YouTube Channel.

If yesterday’s deal goes through, I’ll do the same for Facebook. What I come up with will at least work to give away away to get email addresses to grow my email list. Might be worth selling a course like that on my site for a few $.

(And really, only a few $. Like maybe $5. The idea there isn’t to make money on it immediately. The idea is to test if people will pay anything. Once I find someone who will pay something, there is a higher likelihood they will pay more.

There is another approach where if the mini course is free and I make it clear that for money I’ll do the work described in the course, people will often pay you.)

Anyway, I’ll write up what I’m going to do for them and invoice them and get started.

My daughters came over for dinner and we had rib roast again. It was delicious again and it was delightful talking and catching up more.