qJumpStart My Heart | Day 296 - Thursday

Day 296 – Thursday

I’m definitely catching up from where I was last week. I’m getting some writing done farther ahead and everything is going pretty smoothly.

Among things there was some client related communications that was good. I wrote one of next weeks marketing emails this week rather than over the weekend. I’m trying to get about a week ahead because there is a week coming up where it will be hard for me to consistently work. (More on that when it happens. This is rather awkward foreshadowing).

In the interest of knocking smaller projects completely off my todo list so they stop being distractions, I re-wrote the text on a website. This was one of the Christmas freebie gifts that I gave out through networking. I offered to rewrite most of the text on someone’s website and I had not gotten back to this since before Christmas.

After a complaint that their free gift service offer wasn’t being finished very quickly, I committed to getting them something by tomorrow. And decided I could probably do the whole thing today. It took an hour and 26 minutes to re-write the text on 4 web pages.

The existing text was pretty rough and so the improvement bar was pretty low. What I gave back will improve the site a lot if they can update the text on their website and understand why I was making the changes.

This was a fun project in one key way. Normally I would re-do someones website. Update software. Add graphics. Do a bunch of technical work. In this case, I provided a plain text file with updated text. It’s up to them or their non-existent technical staff to update the text on the website. There is very little followup work because if the client wants a couple of words changed… well, it’s a text file. Just go in with an editor and change them.

I like that simplicity. Next step is making money doing stuff like that…