Day 294 – Tuesday

At today’s networking meeting, a funny thing happened…

Before the meeting started, a woman walked in and started talking to one of the regulars, Steve, whom I was talking to. She knew him from prior networking meetings and had not attended in the time since I started going.

She needed someone urgently to untangle all of her business FaceBook accounts and give her a consistent online feel. Steve said he doesn’t really do that and looked over the table at me and asked if I do that sort of thing.

I’m completely swamped with business right now so of course I said, sure, I do that sort of thing. She immediately asks for my card, shakes my hand, says she will call me later and leaves.

That is some efficient networking. I don’t think she was in the room longer than 4 minutes.

I had a business meeting after networking and when I checked my email, she had written to me. I called her later that afternoon after researching her a bit. I could see why she needed help, it was very hard to find any online presence for her.

Talking to her, it turns out she is an interior designer working with pretty high end clients and needs help getting her social marketing set up. On the side she also designs custom fur coats for raves and EDM festivals. And she does pet portraiture. Talking to her, I liked her. We’ll keep talking and she says in a couple of weeks she should have the budget to get started.

Funny how these things work out.