qJumpStart My Heart | Day 287 - Tuesday

Day 287 – Tuesday

Lots of intense work time today. That isn’t really different but I am pushing hard to get lots of stuff done. It feels good. I don’t feel overwhelmed and I’m making forward progress.

I’m trying out a different social media strategy this week. I’m doing almost ALL my posting on my personal Facebook account. Nothing on my business account since I have so few followers and FB doesn’t distribute business FB page posts anywhere anymore.

So I’m mixing cooking posts and other personal stuff with links to articles and little essays on marketing topics that interest me. I’m absolutely not trying to sell anything from my personal account since that will annoy people. I know how annoying I find posts by the various MLM weenies are.

I get some engagement on my non marketing posts and almost none on the marketing ones. So why do it?

The long game I’m playing is populating my FB account with posts that show I’m alive and show I have interesting thoughts about marketing. So when potential clients are checking me out, they can get a sense of who I am and what I’m about. I’ll also keep Facebook Friending everyone I meet networking and potential clients and try bringing people into my orbit that way.

I’m not doing any systematic Twitter this week. As fun as Twitter can be, it isn’t where my people are.

More stories tomorrow… As always I guess.