Day 286 – Monday

I spent the day doing client work and was pretty productive.

I finally was able to reach my cardiologist online. I wrote a message that gave the full context of where things are and also mentioned I am only here for part of January. He called and we talked about scheduling the stress test. He is surprised my BP went up so much when I was off of the BP meds. However he liked the BP meds I’m on and when I’m on them they clearly control my BP so no real need to change that.

He is ok with the pharmacological stress test and will put in the order for that. I expect I’ll get a call tomorrow. If I don’t, I’ll call over myself and see what is happening.

The twins came over for dinner and we had a nice visit. They are both pretty tired from their various studies over break. After dinner we went over to Vic’s Ice Cream and when we got there it was closed unexpectedly and there was a note on the door. For long time readers, no, it thankfully wasn’t because of a health inspector discovery (unlike Roxy). The note said they were closed between January 7th (today) and the 21st.

Everything was taken apart inside and even their menu boards had the letters pulled from them. I presume this is regular Winter Cleaning that they do during the slow period after Winter Break is over for local schools. If they had a more manageable website (it’s hand coded rather than on WordPress or something), they could have posted a note on the website.

We went over to Rick’s Dessert Diner and had large pieces of cake instead. It was good. Not really good, but sufficient and it was nice to sit and chat.