Day 288 – Wednesday

I got a call back from Kaiser, my medical group, and my stress test is now scheduled for this Friday. Yay.

I was able to test out a business idea at my networking group. We had some extra time so the exercise was to write down your top 3 goals for 2019 and then we would go around talking about one of the goals and giving each other suggestions.

I realized the meta game to play here is to strategically choose goals that would resonate with the people around me for possible business opportunities.

Specifically, there were a bunch of financial professionals there. Banking and investments of various sorts. I had just learned over the weekend of an effective strategy for getting new clients for financial professionals through Facebook Ads. The approach is more elaborate than just putting up an ad that says “come use my services” the approach is very effective.

Well, I mentioned a goal was to get some ongoing Facebook Ads clients. I described the technique. And I saw people light up over it. My delivery was good, I wasn’t salesy, just talking about what I was thinking of doing. Also, since it isn’t a service I offer right now, I really wasn’t selling so people were more inclined to listen.

And the finance folks were definitely interested.

The technique?

  1. Financial professional makes an instructional video about something important to their ideal customer. In this video, there is absolutely no selling. Just giving away valuable information.
  2. Promote this video as a Facebook Ad to audiences related to their ideal client.
  3. Facebook, bless their hearts, lets you know when people have watched more than 30 seconds of your video. And it lets you collect people who have watched more of your video into a separate audience.
  4. Run a second ad that actually makes a sales offer to the audience of people who have watched more of your video. Probably with a modifier like advertise to people who watched more of the video between 1 and 3 days ago.
  5. Run both ads simultaneously and you get an automatic flow of people from the video to exposure to the ad and you get a pretty strong filter. People who watch enough of the video are warm leads. If they click on your offer ad which probably is only asking them to make an appointment with financial professional, then you have a pretty good lead.

But wait, I’m giving away the entire method. Sure, but none of the finance guys want to learn how to set this up? But what if someone else like me learns to do this? Well, I’m late to the party. This is a well understood technique. And I see how I can apply it to the people who don’t know about it yet. I need 2-4 ongoing clients who want to pay me for this and I’ll have some decent money out of it.

How much would I charge? Starting out the business, probably $1.5K – $2K/month as an ongoing service. Get good at it and have some solid testimonials from happy clients and the rate goes up. I.e. you can charge people more as you prove it works.

And they are making much more money on this then they are spending for the service. That’s just how marketing works. The result has to pay for the marketing.

Thus since I learned a bunch of stuff over the weekend, I’ve been seeing some new possibilities.